You should know before: The Chef, in this surfcamp, is the heart of our customers happiness!

The Elementsurf surfcamp at the Natural Park Oyambre (Cantabria,Spain) is searching for a chef during the time frame 05.05-20.10.2018


Responsible of the kitchen organization.

You would have to do a two-course dinner (buffet) for 25-55 persons.

Work with meat, poultry, fish and a lot of vegetables!

Help to create the meal-plan.


Salary by negociation 


trained as a chef, work experience, work independent, motivated, quality awareness, teamplayer, german or spanish? is a plus but isn't essential.

Accommodation in deluxe tent for two persons (only for you but it is build for two) big, with real bed inside and another roomy space inside the tent. We provide you everything you need to be comfortable in your accommodation. If you want to search for something else we will help you but then it's your thing.

Food 24h

Famliy surfcamp with high level service.


We are a surfcamp focused -mainly- in adult public (over 24 aprox. and german-speakers) That doesn’t mean that we don’t want Young people, please don’t understand wrong, but the most of our guests are adults, couples, friends groups and families. We offer a quality service above the normal/common surfcamp level. The food and the accomodation is pretty good (the chef is really important!!!), we care a lot to keep a “hotel level” but with a “surfcamp heart and warm atmosphere”. Is perfect for families with kids, we have a lot during our high seasson and before and after high seasson we have more variety of customers.

Malek & Leo would be the guys who are gonna driving this lovely team

We are a team up to 10 persons.

Malek is from Germany really good surfer and better person. He speaks english and german.

Leo is from a town next to our house, he will help you with every question and he speaks spanish and german.