The Cafe/Restaurant of a beautiful new resort on the fabulous  Philippine island of Siargao has just been completed and we are looking for a looking for an innovative and passionate Kitchen and café/Restaurant Manager.  This position is ideal for someone ambitious looking to have a great work opportunity on a paradise tropical island. Someone who is willing to consistently introduce new ideas to the menu and directly benefit from the success of the café/restaurant.

We want someone to develop creative breakfast and lunch/dinner menus, based on seasonal healthy locally sourced food and drinks.  A passionate individual who will help to train kitchen and restaurant staff and then act as Operations Manager. The style of food and drink we want can be seen at the following Pinterest board:  An upbeat and friendly personality, positive attitude, ability to learn quickly, and willingness to do all the tasks that are necessary for the proper running of the café/restaurant are crucial to the success of this position.

The business is called Kalipay, which means ‘Happiness’ in the local language of Visayan.  It is a great location, very beautiful and prominent and everyone passes it.  Siargao island is expanding extremely fast and tourism is based on surfing, but has broadened greatly in the last 18 months (  There are approximately 16 surf breaks within 15 minutes motorbike ride from the cafe/restaurant. We want a relaxed and low key launch, with a limited high quality offer.  I want to work with someone who can:

Design the menu based on the available foods
Source the food supplies and ability to cost purchases and budget meals acccurately
Staff management. Supervising, scheduling, training, management & coaching skills.
Help identify and train an Assistant Manager to assist you
Conformity to the highest standards of personal integrity and ethical behavior
Oversea the ongoing operation of the business as an Operations Manager
Work with me to develop the café/restaurant and maximise its potential.

Ideal candidates will have an innate sense of hospitality, empathy and humility coupled with a strong work ethic and desire to lead. Applicants should embrace a food & beverage culture rooted in integrity, creativity, and discipline while recognizing a need for staff education to achieve this culture. They will be passionate about all aspects of hospitality and restaurant culture and possess great organizational and prioritization skills. A minimum of one year of prior management experience is required.

Siargao is an incredible place to live and work.  Have a look at some videos of the island online to see what I mean.  We will provide a salary and perhaps a profit share, which will depend on the skills and experience of the successful applicant. It will be your responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the business run smoothly.  Once the business has been set up and is running smoothly, I will be contributing in terms of observational feedback relating to things I observe when using the restaurant as a customer. My main involvement will be in the marketing of the business and overseeing its general direction and not hands on day to day involvement. 

I demand high standards and attention to detail and I expect these from my Kitchen and Operations Manager.   

Basic staff accommodation is available

2 meals a day from the cafe/restaurant will be provided

Kalipay Resort is on the Island of Siargao


Kalipay Resort is very prominently located on the beautiful island of Siargao and consists of:

  • A girls boutique store
  • A large retail space likely to be leased to the most prominent surf brand on the island
  • Staff quarters
  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Garden and pool
  • 8 self contained apartments