We are hoping to connect with someone with the skills in hospitality and the interest in a role as a manger. It would be ideal for the manager to commit to a full season at Living Lodge. This would begin in April and work through October/November. The person who would find this job most enjoyable is independent, focused, driven, enjoys hosting people, has an understanding of hospitality, is stoked to discover a new part of the world, and likes nature. This person will be overseeing operations at the Lodge. This person will be a skilled and effective communicator and will support Colin immensely. This person will also be FUN, energetic, and super excited to be living in paradise and managing this BEAUTIFUL seaview lodge. You will work a minimum of 25 hours/week and a maximum of 35. This will include keeping the space beautiful. This involves cleaning rooms and public shared spaces and having a eye for what can go where. This person is clean, organised, and can work independently. This works best for people who are versatile...on the one hand you like to be around the guests and welcome them, answer and questions, and even show them the beach or live music in the night but on the other side you like down time. You can entertain yourself and are happy to do so. This place is unique and special, it offers some of the most beautiful beaches, and has very high energy frequency. It is said that there is much rose quartz in the area which aligns people with connection to the nature and the best of themselves. But come check it out!! See for yourself!! Guaranteed waves, sun, sand, and good people!

Friendly, Outgoing, hard-working, enjoys nature and outdoors, you will be around many surfers. You do not have to be a surfer yourself but this is a beach culture!

Yes. the accommodation offered this past season was a camper car with a kitchen and private bathroom.

Breakfast is always provided and food for dinner and lunch is provided but often this meal is not cooked for you.


What we are about: Our mission is sharing this beautiful part of the world (the south west coast of Portugal) and our passions (outdoor adventure, surfing, yoga, fitness, fun, and friends!) with like minded people. Our goal is to provide guests from around the world with what they are seeking during this holiday. Be it nice waves and surf, relaxing days on different beaches, quiet moments of yoga and meditation, or a more social experience meeting new people and listening to local musicians....we aim at connecting people with what they are looking for!


A little about the area: We are on the south west coast in the Algarve region in a small fisherman town called Arrifana. The area is a natural park with beautiful landscapes and cliffs. It has loads of surfers coming in the summer months. There are beautiful hikes (the Rota Vincentina), many wonderful beaches, waves, and great food.

About US: Colin has been running Living Lodge for 6 seasons now. I am a new addition as this has just been my first summer at the lodge! I am a Yoga teacher from the United States but I have spent much time living in other parts of the world. Before coming to Portugal I was in Thailand for the last 4 years. I love Yoga and Spirituality is a big part of my inner world. I have recently caught the surf bug and in general I am a very active person (running, surfing, wake board, skiing...etc) Colin is from Germany and the lodge has really been born out of his vision. He feel in love with the area and wanted to create a place for other people to enjoy a place that he likes so much. He loves to Surf and ride the Enduro Bikes. He also likes to spend time Paddle Boarding, Fishing, or on a boat. We have 2 dogs that live with us and the 4 of us love time spent walking and enjoying the landscape.