Hi there!

On the first of Mai we will start a new project. It is a big property with a house on it in the middle of nature and 10 minutes away by car from the ocean. The house needs to be prepared to be a surf camp. We need to repair, design, paint, do some gardening and create a good atmosphere in the house, so we can open one month later in June. The house has an artisitc touch, which we like to keep and we are really happy about your ideas and inspirations. So if you are a handyman and good with natural malerials like wood or you have an artistic personality –  just apply. We are happy to get to know you and to create a great house together. Also we need someone who does the webpage in May and another person who helps with the guests from the first of June. The working time is about 4-5 hours daily, in exchange you get a sleeping spot in the house and free surf lessons and equipment every day. The house has a lot of space and beautiful surroundings. 

We want to create a great project and you to feel good here. Also we need your help in whatever is needed. That means physical work like painting, gardening, building beds, etc. If you are just interested in doing a website or to work with guests and help to support the team- also fine.

YES! The house has right now the possibility to fit 6 people.

Surf. Yoga. Art. Nature. Healthy food.