Seeking an indonesian/western husband/wife team to manage the day to day operations of a remote area surf camp in North Sumatra. Applicants need to have previous experience in the industry as well as a sense of adventure.

Good rewards for those who commit to long term.

Competent in handling the day to day running of a surf camp



Work in surf camp in North Sumatra, Banyak Islands, Indonesia


Welcome to the Bay of Plenty

The Banyak Islands lie just off the coast of North Sumatra- Indonesia. It is a surf travel destination that offers high quality UNCROWDED surf year round. Surfers and non-surfers can now experience this unique tropical surfing paradise while staying in the comfort of your own private beach bungalow, "a stones throw away from Gunters, the most consistently rideable wave in the Banyaks" Apart from this classic wave the Bay of Plenty boasts 5 other waves that range from world class to learn to surf waves that will suit everyone from the weekend warrior to the hardened Indo