Working in a none profit organisation that teaches children from the townships to surf, swim and skate.  

You will be responsible for teaching the children as well as volunteers to surf.


Daily Duties:

•    Driving to and from project

•    Compost and Daisies for Surf volunteers

•    Lesson planning with volunteers when necessary

•    Project leader when necessary

•    Surf Coach

•    Maintaining surf equipment and storage thereof

•    Briefing at Volunteer house at 7.45am

•    General problem solving

•    Coordination of Volunteers, ensuring rules are being followed, are heading to the right project, they are happy etc.


General duties:

•    Help with any administration work that is required: Assisting with any documents relating to equipment and volunteering, such as stock take of equipment, selling of used donations, stocking supplies like wax, leashes and fins etc. Participating actively in project fundraising and ensure that funds are spent in an ethical manner.

•    Ensure all volunteers are transported safely and in a timely manner to projects: Planning of transportation logistics, ensuring transportation is safe and in accordance with traffic laws and ensuring time schedules are adhered to.

•    Be a person of trust with whom volunteers can talk to about anything that is bothering them: Be a role model to volunteers by abiding by all the rules and regulations. Maintain open and trustworthy relationships with volunteers. Follow up on problems presented to you and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.

•    Ensure that you represent the best interest of both the project and SAVE at all times: Always hold a positive attitude at all times in pres ence of volunteers.

•    Be available (within reason) to assist on other projects as and when is required: Be ready to travel to other projects if needed and take initiative to get background information on that project so you don't enter blind. Participate wholeheartedly on any project that you are placed.

minimum 3 months

yes, shared room

3 meals per day