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The Cabo Verde surf-school, is looking for a Surf Instructor / Head Coach from March 2019
Our surf-school is located in Boa Vista island, Cabo Verde, West Africa.
You will be responsible for organizing and leading surf classes. You will be responsible for the book keeping. Classes will range from small children to adults. This is a full-time job that allows for ample time to free surf and discover our country. This job comes with a competitive salary. We are looking for someone who :

-is an experienced surfer

-is a certified surf instructor

-speaks english well and french well

-open-minded and hard working !

-accommodations and meals free


contact us for more information, we will be happy to hear from you.

email :

Facebook : caboverde surfschool

Instagram : caboverdesurfschool

Yes, you will stay on a staff room of an hotel



see our website :